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Our Rebel designed Turbine Wheel Covers are only compatible with the original OEM Tesla Model 3 18″ Aero base alloy wheel. 


Set of 4 wheel covers,  epoxy coated centre cap with black colour T logo


Larger wheel look with the advantages of the 18″ Aero base wheel


Hides any existing rim damage by covering the outside rim edge


Covers the rim edge, Protects against curb damage whihc unfortunately most of us can't avoid!!


Durable in all weather conditions, tried and tested here in the UK


Fast and easy installation


Comes with foam for added protection for your rims 


The product listed is not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”), unless specifically stated and where reference is made to the brand names of the OEMs, the references are for specification reference only and are not an endorsement by the OEM referred to. All warranties under consumer laws within the European Community Consumer Laws against defects are provided by the Seller.

Rebel Wheel Covers - Model 3

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